Coconut oil is becoming more and more of a widely used product.  It has become a staple in many households for a variety of reasons.  Coconut oil is such a versatile substance that can be used in lots of...

STYLE: Healthy Tanning

Summer is coming quickly! (Yay - for family time, vacations, and relaxation!  Ugh - for hot sweatiness!) The thing on my mind lately has been how to get a healthy glow.  I like the look of a tan for...
Valentine's Day is approaching and we are neck-deep in the candy-laden holidays that began way back on Halloween. While your kids might have visions of chalky conversation hearts dancing in their heads, I want to chat about a sweet...

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Ultimate Guide to Summer Camps in Phoenix 2024

Living in Phoenix means our hot HOT summers need to be filled with busy camp days for our kids. Because we know, if we...

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