Bucket List for the New Me {Exciting Goals}


Every year I create a bucket list of sorts. This year I’ve entitled it, “39 things Wendie will do while 39.” 2020 is a great motivator because not only is it a New Year and a new decade, but it is an overall chance to do better and become the best version of myself.

Bucket ListAdmittedly, I can create all the goals I want, but if I’m not making them measurable and creative, inspiring or fun, then what’s the point? I want to feel fabulous and not frazzled. The word I have chosen as my “Word of the Year” is the word ADVANCE. It means to “move forward in a purposeful way.” This is very fitting for me, especially since I’m nearing the end of my 30s, am an older mama of littles, and want to do things more purposeful to keep up with their energetic selves!

So without further ado, here’s my bucket list for 2020!

1. Take my first flying lesson.
2. Complete my first 10K.
3. Start to train for a bodybuilding competition when 40.
4. Interview someone famous.
5. Write something impactful and inspiring.
6. Make a difference 39 times.
7. Make date nights a priority. Plan 39 different and unique dates.
8. Take my kids on individual dates that allow us to do “acts of kindness.”
9. Write a personalized letter to 39 people.
10. Coffee/tea with friends.
11. More meditation/prayer
12. Helping a family in need.
13. Visit a veteran and listen to their stories.
14. Volunteer at Feed My Starving Children.
15. Do races that benefit worthwhile causes.
16. Buy someone’s groceries.
17. Pay it forward in my angel babies’ honor.
18. Connect with my sisters more.
19. Hike 39 times.
20. Explore new mountains.
21. Do something that really really scares me.
22. Go to Disney World with my family.
23. Apply for scholarships to get my pilot’s license.
24. Follow Mel Robbins’ “Best Decade Ever” course.
25. Celebrate blessings in life!
26. Complete Rachel Hollis 90 day challenge.
27. Attend an epic concert!
28. Renew my vows for my 10 year anniversary.
29. Have more fun with my kids.
30. Complete 2,020 miles in 2020.
31. Book my first speaking gig.
32. Leave encouraging notes for strangers in random places.
33. Buy a stranger lunch.
34. Visit a new city.
35. Officiate my cousin’s wedding in Colorado.
36. Take my mom on her dream trip with my sisters.
37. Learn to be a better cook.
38. Read 39 empowering books.
39. Attend Rachel Hollis Rise Conference in San Diego.

Dear reader, I would LOVE your input and unique ideas on how to help me continue to be the best I can this next year.

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!




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