Bringing home your groceries without extra germs


We love supporting local moms, especially moms that are doing amazing things. Moms are resourceful and constantly driven to solve problems that arise in our everyday life. 

Meet one of those inventive Scottsdale moms, Andi Barness-Rubin! Andi, a working mother of three boys, was worried about going to the grocery store while trying to keep all the germs off of herself and her food packaging. She would always wipe the handle of the shopping cart with a store-provided sanitizing wipe, but once the Coronavirus began to spread, she really starting thinking about all of the germs that were not only on the handle, but also all over the inside and outside of the cart. Andi had an idea that she knew would keep herself and her family safe from disgusting grocery cart germs, thus the Cart Safe was born! 

Cart Safe liners cover the outside of the cart, the inside of the cart, the handle and even the basket. Each liner’s patented design is super easy to put on and even easier to take off. A package of Cart Safe liners sell for $19.99 for 10 liners. 

Cart Safe recyclable shopping cart liners ensures that your grocery shopping trip will not bring home unwanted germs from your local store. We are all trying to stay as safe as possible during these unfamiliar times, it is so nice to know that the small step of adding a liner to our grocery store cart will give us some peach of mind about extra germs entering our home.  

Visit the website to learn how you can order your liners. 


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