Bring on Summer! 4 Reasons I’m a Summer Mom


Summer break is right around the corner and I, for one, can’t wait! Call me crazy, but I love being a summer mom. It’s not that the school year is all doom and gloom to me but competing with homework, extra curricular activities and all the other fillers of the day leaves me feeling like I’ve missed all the fun. So here are my top reasons for shouting “bring on summer!!”

1. I’m in charge of the schedule.

As a stay at home mom, when summer rolls around I’m the be all and end all for the schedule. I have the ultimate say in what we’ll take on. I’m selective too. I love keeping plenty of open time to add in any fun last minute ideas. My oldest usually participates in swim team which gets us to the pool daily and my younger will start swimming lessons this year and that’s enough of a regular schedule for the day. The rest of the time is very flexible, which leads me to…

2. There’s so much more time!

This can be seen as a challenge too, but I love having all the time in the world for the things that we want to do during the year that seem to either get scrapped or just less time than they deserve. Piano practice, chores, crafts, learning new skills and interests. I love planning my weeks around local programs from the library, stores, and local groups. Once those are penciled in I usually choose a fun project for the week. My 8 year old enjoys sewing so we usually come up with a project or 2 for her to complete throughout the summer. Some weeks it’s cooking, simple science experiments, or crafts. I love having an open schedule to add in all the fun!

3. Downtime.

Because of our busy schedule during the school year, I heavily limit screen time. I believe every kid (person) is different in how much they can handle and I’ve learned my 8-year-old can’t do too much without it affecting her. So in the summer I can loosen up. We play video games together (Super Mario party anyone?!), we have afternoon or evening movie time, she’ll even hop on the computer to play all the educational games she likes! I love feeling like she can indulge a little when she doesn’t have a rigid schedule.

4. Adventures!

I love me a good adventure – something fun, new, maybe challenging and out of the every day. Hikes, camping, road trips, museums, you name it. I love adding outings into our summers to really focus on connecting and making memories together. And I’m new to Arizona which makes our list of possible adventures long! Children’s museum, Odysea aquarium, splash pads and water parks. There are so many fun places to check out. (If you have any tried and true tips and local trips for me please comment and tell me what I should put on our list!) Adventures keep the summer excitement rolling throughout the long 10 week break!

So, what do you think? Are you a summer mom and live for school breaks like me or love the structure and routine of the school year? Comment and tell me why and what your summer survival tips are! After all, whether you’re a school mom or a summer mom like me, 10 long, hot summer weeks is a lot of time to fill!

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Adrienne is originally from Toronto, Canada. She moved to the United States for school where she earned her degree in sociology and her Social Service Worker license. She has lived in several states, most recently in San Antonio, TX before moving to North Phoenix last year. She loves adventures and is always looking for something fun or new to try. Snorkeling, zip lining, rock climbing, hiking and exploring new places are high on her list. When she is home she loves to plan, organize, craft and connect with others. She is married to the love of her life, and is the mother of 3. One angel (who passed away from HLHS as an infant), one elementary aged daughter who also loves adventures, and a preschooler who was born with a congenital heart defect but is one of the happiest kids around. She is excited to get to know the area and find fun and adventure here.


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