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A few summers ago, I was tidying the back porch and something did not smell right. I searched and searched, convinced it must be a dirty diaper or trash. I walked into the kitchen and the smell was suddenly stronger.
A pipe had burst under the kitchen sink and contaminated water was everywhere.
The repair men came very quickly and set up dryers. They pulled out the dishwasher and the kitchen sink. In one week, we were supposed to be back to normal! Except, as they lifted out the kitchen sink, the granite at the back snapped in two. We were suddenly in the middle of an unintentional kitchen remodel.
Kate Eschbach Photography-2852 We had homeowners insurance, which made the entire process much less costly and much less terrifying. I suddenly remembered Brian and I consulting our parents on what exactly we needed in homeowners insurance, and I was so thankful for their advice.
The world is so busy now. People are too busy to do the due diligence needed to select the right coverage. Luckily, being too busy to research doesn’t carry such a high risk anymore because of Branch Insurance. We now live in a world now where technology helps us with our decisions and does the research for us. This is true for the newest technology company: called Branch Insurance. Branch was built on the core belief that insurance has lost its way. They work specifically with Arizona residents to create a concierge experience without the cost. Homeowners and car owners can get a price for a bundle policy with Branch simply by filling in their name and address. Branch’s state of the art technology takes only seconds to deliver you an affordable price for your home + auto insurance. It leaves out the excuse that figuring out insurance and signing up for insurance is too difficult. With Branch, it only takes seconds.
Whether you are a new or long-time home and car owner, using the technology from will show you options for more affordable coverage or show you that you have the right coverage. I hope the day never comes when you need insurance, but if it does, I want you to have the right insurance! 


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