Book Review: A New Tradition for your Family on Easter!


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I recently received an adorable book called “Lollipop Seeds that Sprout for Kind Deeds: An Easter Tradition”. I have been looking for new, fun traditions to add to our Easter fun each year. After reading it to my girls, they quickly got excited about the whole idea of the book and wanted to plant their lollipop seeds NOW! Easter feels like an eternity away for them 😉

In the book, the young Easter Bunny lives at the East Pole where it is always spring. One day, one of the squirrels asks the bunny why he gives out candy and eggs. Since the bunny had been doing it for over 100 years, he forgot why he gave out Easter eggs and candy every year, so he went to ask the wisest of the Easter Bunnies- his Grandma. She explains that all these years he has forgotten a key component when handing out his Easter gifts- lollipop seeds that sprout for kind deeds! Once he finds this out, he is excited to go and give each of the kids three presents instead of their normal two (candy & eggs)!

“Along with bright-colored eggs and a sweet candy treat, each child will get seeds to plant by their feet.”

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There are five simple steps to planting your Lollipop seeds:

1. Do something kind for someone you know.

2. Make a wish for them too, and the seeds gently you’ll throw.

3. Mark where you tossed them on the grass, ground, or a pot.

4. Go to sleep for your parents, say you love them a lot!

5. Wake in the morning, excited indeed, to see lollipops sprouted from just one kind deed!

The back of the book has a spot to record all of your children’s “kind deeds” year after year. It is very sweet- a keepsake book you will treasure for years to come!

To order your own copy of the book, go to (!

If you order a copy and incorporate this tradition with your kiddos, make sure to take a photo if you Instagram and hashtag #westvalleymoms! We’d LOVE to see your fun, family times together 🙂

Happy almost Easter everyone!

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