Bonding Time!


Labor Day weekend was a blast for my family! We took a trip to Disneyland with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and some close family friends. For my mom’s birthday she invited me to walk the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. We had a great time! It wasn’t about getting in under a certain time or setting a personal record. We just enjoyed the scenery. We walked 13.1 miles on a beautiful morning in sunny Southern California and appreciated each other’s company. To me that’s a huge part of what staying active is all about – feeling good about the time you’ve spent doing it is half the battle!

The weather here in Phoenix is finally letting up, and if you really want to find activities to keep your family happy and healthy while enjoying the great outdoors, there is no shortage this time of year!

There are fitness activites coming up in and around the West Valley that may be good bonding opportunities for couples, parent/child teams, or for you and your best friends! Here are just a few we’ve found to get you through the year:

1.  The 3rd Annual Shadow Ridge 5k XC Community Race (Surpise area) on September 22, 2012.  You can find more information at

2.  The Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride – SouthWest Bicycles (West Bell and 79th Ave area) on October 13, 2012. You can find more information at

3.  The 37th Annual 3 TV Phoenix 10k and Half Marathon (CityScape area) on November 4, 2012. This event features a Couples’ Half Marathon.  You can find more information at

4.  The Zombie Outbreak Run (Fear Farms – Southwest Peoria/Glendale area) on November 10, 2012. More information is available at

5.  The Frosty’s Run  – 10 mile Run & 2 mile Fun Run/Walk (North Phoenix/Glendale area) on December 16, 2012.   More information for this event can be found at

These are just a few of the many events taking place over the coming months, and these only reflect the West Valley.   There are so many more opportunities if you keep your eyes out!

We’d love to hear about activities in your neighborhood, expecially those that are kid-, stroller-, dog-, and team-friendly! And we hope you’ll let us know if you sign up!


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