Blessings of Motherhood



As a parent, it is easy to focus on the difficult parts of being a mom. We, as women, tend to share the struggles as a way of creating community and connection with one another. This creates a comradery with each other, but it also creates a skewed look into motherhood and its beauty.

I have been attempting to appreciate as many small moments that I can, in order to soak it all up before my son grows up right in front of my eyes.

These are some of my favorite parts of motherhood:

I love hearing the “pitter patter” footsteps on the tile floor as he runs into my room in the morning.

I love his little screech of excitement as I pretend to be sleeping and he screams “mama wake up!”

I secretly love when he is sick because it means I get to cuddle him more.

I love admiring the way my husband plays with him and the relationship they have built.

I love the way he says “pees” when attempting to say “please”

I love the sound of his high-pitched screeching laugh as I tickle him on his belly.

I love the peaceful moments such as when he is sleeping and I am filled with awe as to how such a rambunctious little boy could be so still.

I love the little “stinky face” he makes when he is confused or annoyed.

I love seeing my parents transform into the most wonderful grandparents I have ever seen. It is amazing to see this completely new side to them, one, which I never knew existed.

I love how being around my son brings out the best in all our family members.

What are some of your favorite parts of motherhood? I would love to hear all the special things that make your little one so precious.


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