The Best Gift Suggestions for Teacher Appreciation Week, from Teachers


Teacher Appreciation week is almost here! May 7-11th is your time to shower teachers with love! We collaborated with teachers to find out what makes them excited and have suggestions for gifts that make them feel really valued! We also have some gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts for teacher appreciation week!  

DON’T buy a mug. This might be the most common gift we receive.  We love the thought and so appreciate the sentiment, but we only have so much storage and often have to donate the mugs once we start accumulating a stash.  

DO buy a fun tumbler or water bottle! We use these daily both at home and work! 

DON’T bring sugary sweets and baked goods. We’re trying to eat healthy and watch our figures too! 

DO bring coffee or tea from a nearby coffee shop! This is such a great pick-me-up during the day and is a welcomed treat!

DON’T pick a random restaurant gift card. We SO appreciate this thought and generosity but many go unused because they may be too far from our usual route or neighborhood.  

DO buy gift cards for restaurants and stores near school. This is super helpful for grabbing food before school or on our lunch break! It’s also nice to be able to pick up quick dinner for our families and take one thing off our mind for the day!

DON’T bring alcohol. Yes, this is always a fun gift! However, we can get in trouble for having it on campus, so it isn’t worth the risk! Additionally, not every teacher drinks and we don’t want your money and gift wasted. 

DO send in a gift card for a place we can buy all sorts of beverages! Total Wine or BevMo are great options. Target or Amazon are also great options for gift cards and allow us to buy things we want or need!

DON’T buy perfume or strong scented lotions. Scent preferences are so specific and hard to please, plus sensitives and allergies make it more challenging. 

DO buy unscented lotions or gift cards to Bath and Body Works. If your budget can afford it, pedicures or manicures are our favorite!

DON’T have your student make another art project. Yes, we love them. HOWEVER, we get them almost every day. Your children are so thoughtful and creative! We however appreciate a little something extra during Teacher Appreciation Week! 

DO find cute pictures or signs with inspirational quotes (Hobby Lobby is excellent for this!), or even have a handmade sign made with our last name or initial (lots of cute ones can be found on Etsy.) We love to be able to add personality to our classroom!

Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Ideas:

  • Homemade body scrub, lip balms, or body butters. There are so many quick and easy recipes you can find online! Just remember to go with unscented or light fragrances! Here are a few of my personal favorites I’ve tried!
  • School spirit accessories! Find fun earrings, necklaces or scarves in your school’s spirit colors! This does not need to be expensive! Just think of cheap, fun accessories we can wear on spirit days! Charming Charlie’s is a great place to find some colorful costume jewelry!
  • Maker a “teacher stash.” Make a fun basket of all the little necessities she may need throughout the week! Go raid the Target dollar section (finally an excuse to!) or even the travel section of Wal-mart. Put everything in a cute dollar store basket (that she can re-purpose for classroom storage!). Some ideas for the kit include: hair ties, bobby pins, safety pins, breath mints, instant coffee or tea, granola bars, travel pain killers, and cough drops. 

Hope this helps with teacher appreciation week!


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