The Benefits of Swim Lessons for Babies

This post was written and sponsored by our partners at Aqua-Tots Central Phoenix.

The benefits of swim lessons for baby are a common topic of discussion among parents! In the past, formal swim programs that provided parents and infants structured time in the water together were rare.  Recent research has proven early swim lessons to be effective, and now, there are many parent and baby programs from which to choose!

Because babies are capable of achieving many skills in the water from a young age, we naturally get questions from parents asking us the benefits of our parent-tot classes. In response to those questions, let us share with you a few of the many benefits.

Swim Lessons Parent and Tot Bonding

With busy lives as parents, special one-on-one time with your baby is needed and is one of the primary benefits of Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Parenaquat-Tot lessons! At Aqua-Tots, our lessons provide special time for you and your little one to bond as you work together on adjusting to the water and to many lifesaving skills. Our swim lessons incorporate songs and movements that teach skills, provide lots of opportunities for affirming and building trust with one another, and provide time for plenty of FUN!

Tactile Learning

The pool is a very tactile environment where the sense of touch and the constant pressure of water on the body provide a variety of benefits for babies.  Water is over 600 times denser than air, so it naturally helps with neurological development in babies. In fact, a study conducted by Dr. Ruth Rice found that tactile stimulation on infants accelerates cognitive and neurological development. This means that swimming actually helps your baby become SMARTER earlier.  Pretty cool, right?

Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is a child’s knowledge of his or her surroundings and where the body is in proximity to other objects and space. Being in the water initially causes confusion compared to land but during our swim lessons children learn concepts of location, direction, and distance naturally as they work on various skills.  This ability to organize objects in space helps with a child’s ability to organize abstract thoughts and have increased awareness outside the water.

Lessons for Life

What excites us most, is that our swim lessons help create lessons that last for life!  Not only are there over 40 years of knowledge that have modeled our curriculum, but the process provides opportunities to learn character. That means that not only do you benefit from the BEST instruction in swimming but you and your children know what to do in a drowning emergency. Swim lessons also provide a vehicle to train your littles in respect (for the water, you, and others), social skills (waiting their turn), patience, obedience, and self-control, just to name a few.

Our parent-tot classes allow you and your child to learn water safety skills in a safe and friendly environment.  Attending our classes at an early age will help your baby form a healthy, not fear-based, relationship with the water.  Aqua-Tot babies learn to respect the water and parents get to understand how to be the first line of defense by establishing boundaries that can save lives. This helps set a good foundation for not only your child’s swimming skills, but for life.

As you can see, there are a variety of benefits to baby swim lessons… and we’ve only named a few!  If you are interested in trying out our Parent-Tot program, please contact your nearest neighborhood Aqua-Tots location.  We look forward to serving you and your family!


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