Beauty Through My Eyes


Friends, this is a bizarre and challenging time we are facing in our world. With it comes a myriad of emotions that, if we aren’t careful, can have us spiraling into an abyss of grief and depression. I know we all must process as we deem necessary. However, might I challenge us to look for the semblances of beauty around us, even if they be ever so still?

If the task is too daunting, please allow me to take you on a journey, even if for a brief respite.

Beauty, to me, is a road map of people, places, and things. It’s an action, characteristic, and virtue. It is all around, in the physical, in the spiritual, in the every day. It’s a peanut butter and honey smile on a five-year-old’s lips. It’s a shooting star streaking across the sky as two lovers kiss. It’s a prayer being answered in the middle of the night, it’s “kids at heart” in their 70’s that still hold hands and say, “I love you.” Beauty, to me, is a soldier defending our nation and being recognized for the sacrifice. A mother giving birth—there is beauty in the miraculous.

Beauty is a snow day, an extra snuggle, a playful glance, a comfort and familiarity in your own skin. Beauty is sacred, secure, and shining from within—it’s a light that exudes confidence without the need to be noticed by others… but others notice.

Beauty is a rainy sky and best friends jumping in puddles like kids. It is forgiveness wrapped up in friendship. Beauty is unpredictable like lightening in the sky or snowflakes that touch your tongue. Beauty is as radiant as the sun caressing your face when you lie out and read a good book or take a light snooze. It is stepping outside of you, meeting someone in their darkest spot, and helping them to see that there’s still good in the world.

Beauty, to me, can be the faces on the movie screen, television show, or magazine. More than skin deep—it’s in the masculine and feminine qualities that we all possess—strength, nobility, whimsy.

Beauty is laughter dancing when a good joke is shared or a milestone is reached. It’s in the eyes of the little girl who dances with her daddy, or the father figure who took the time to compliment the precious princess inside each one of us.

Beauty is a serene lake, surrounded by trees that glimmer gracefully in the twilight. It is the passion that evokes a change for good in the world. It runs like a wild horse in an open desert—free to be what it is, answering to no one, yet encompasses and reigns in all that there is to be. Beauty is unfolding, day in and day out. It’s in the “pay it forward” mentality, in a scoop of a shared, yummy sundae, and it’s in the loyalty of “man’s best friend” snuggled on your lap.

Beauty is me and you. Synchronized memories that make the corners of our mouth curl upward and work our muscles because a random and thoughtful moment just passed through the corridors of our mind. It is reminiscent of days gone by, faithfully recalling loved ones who’ve gone before. Beauty is a journey, a road map, of people, places, and things…


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