Everything You Need to Know About Barre3

We are thrilled to bring you a post with insights into the benefits our beloved partners at Barre3 offer moms valley wide.

As moms, in any stage of life, chances are we aren’t in the best habit of making time for ourselves. Some of us are better at this than others, but we would venture to guess that more often than not, we are busy putting others first and tabling our needs for later. This becomes quite the conundrum, as over time, our cups become less and less full, and we end up becoming depleted (both physically and emotionally). We know so many moms who find that taking an hour for themselves, in the form of a workout they enjoy, FEEL differently, and we are sharing some insights into Barre3 that can help you feel this way too. 


Barre3 has helped me to become a better mom. It has given me more energy, centered my mind, and put me in touch with my breathing.”


I wake up wanting to go to barre3 because I feel more energized throughout my day.”


What is a Barre3 workout? 

  • Barre3 mixes athleticism, grace, and the latest innovations designed to balance the body. Barre3 delivers a full body workout using only low-impact movements. With our team of experts—doctors, physical therapists, and anatomy specialists—we developed our signature 3-step sequence to produce a strong and balanced body.


What makes Barre3 different from any other barre workout?

  • Barre3 is for everyone. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise. Instead, we empower each individual to modify postures and develop body awareness for lasting results. Our signature approach to teaching gives clients a rewarding endorphin high and a deep muscle burn without pain in areas of the body prone to injury.


How is Barre3 an effective workout?

  • Barre3 is a game changer for sure. People come here for an amazing workout, but they stay for the community. It’s a safe place where you can come to move your body, but also rejuvenate your mind. When you walk through our studio doors, you’ll always be greeted with a smile from a team who is truly invested in YOU. Our clients come from all different backgrounds and stages of life, but when they come to the studio none of that matters, we’re all in it together – growing together, moving together and learning together, because together we are better. 


How often would you recommend clients practice Barre3 to see results? 

  • 2-3 times per week at a minimum. The more frequently you come, the faster you will see results. 


What are the benefits of Barre3?

  • BODY: Our transformative workouts build toned muscles, increase your metabolism, and help you lose weight. You’ll find balance in your body, which will lead to better posture, healthier digestion, and a physique that serves you rather than holds you back. You’ll be stronger, stand taller, and feel better all day long. Whatever you like to do—biking, yoga, hiking, running—Barre3 will help you do it better.
  • MIND: Feeling better in your body means more than a smaller waist or stronger arms. Barre3 energizes you and leaves you feeling confident and less stressed. Our workouts create a halo effect; you’ll leave class empowered to make healthier choices throughout the day. Physical benefits reap emotional and mental rewards. Put simply: you’ll feel good.


The community is amazing. Everyone is so accepting of each other.”


Barre3 has completely changed my motivation and outlook on health and fitness and makes me excited to sweat and shake.”

Barre3 has 4 convenient locations in the valley:

North Scottsdale

Paradise Valley 

North Peoria

…and Chandler (coming soon!)


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