Why I Am (and You Can Be) Thrilled Babyhood Is Over


There are some people who possess the baby whisperer quality, but I somehow missed that one. I have friends who just couldn’t wait to have another baby to cuddle and wear in a baby carrier.  All I could think about was dreading the next feeding, a million diaper changes a day and the crying. Oh, the crying.  It is by far, not my superpower.  The after babyhood days have been my absolute favorite though! 

babyhood over

Here are a few reasons why I’m thrilled babyhood is over: 

  1. No one is sweating about the small stuff, or at least the friends I’ve made aren’t. I’m talking about the conversations about breastfeeding, favorite brands of diapers, organic food and all the other topics that new moms are super die hard about. You know what, all the kids are alive!! Everyone should rejoice. During the baby years, these are such hot topics and I pretty much hated talking about them. My take always was you do what is best for you and your baby, and all the babies get nutrients and they grow up.
  2. Moms have time to actually have a conversation. It was tough for me at play dates to chase two toddlers and talk to another mom.  Now, the kids can play nicely on the playground and we can chat.  
  3. Moms have time for moms nights out! This may be my favorite!! One of my superpowers is planning. I love planning events.  In my singlehood, I would head to work on Monday, email all my friends and have our Thursday, Friday and Saturday all planned by the end of the day. But for the first three years of my twins’ lives, this really was out of reach. Most moms didn’t want to leave their little ones and honestly, I forgot it was my talent.  Now, I have a few great groups of moms that love to meet up with about once a month, and I’m loving it.  
  4. Building community is easier. The kids generally choose friends that have parents that I genuinely enjoy. The kids can play, the parents can enjoy socializing; it’s a win win. 

All in all, babyhood is rough. With the multiple naps, the feeding schedules, the diapers and all the worry about doing what is “right,” it’s exhausting.  I feel like now that my kids are through the constant care phase, there is time to enjoy playing, socializing and breath a little easier.  

Are you a mom who is also thrilled that babyhood is over, or do/did you love the baby phase?


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