Baby Dee Dee Blankets (Sponsored Review)


Dream Photography Studio - North Phoenix Moms BlogIMG_3917I can’t tell you how picky I am for all things related to my kids. I know, all us moms are. But I’m ALWAYS searching for items that are not only fabulous but functional. When I saw these amazing quilts by Baby Dee Dee I KNEW I HAD to have one for my little man!

I have searched high and low for the perfect duvet for him until now! I love this soft cotton jersey blanket SO MUCH! On these cool nights we snuggle together with it until he dozes off. I love wrapping him up so that he is all cozy. He almost immediate will start to drift into his slumber once I cradle him in his Baby Dee Dee Quilt. I cherish these moments with all my heart. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to try Baby Dee Dee. If you have a babe that wants to drag their blankie everywhere you will be proud to have this modern style lovey in tow.

What I love most about this blanket. It’s snuggley…really official term, I know. But I mean it! The padding is perfect and it’s just the right size for laying on the floor with babes. Know what else? That perfect size comes in handy for nap time too. It’s not one of those blankets you will run out of material when trying to buddle baby up. Our Baby Dee Dee is PERFECT for snuggling not just him but me under it as well. I can tell you this…when my hands are tied and I ask the hubby to grab the baby’s blanket he knows exactly which ONE I mean and with 3 kiddos at home we have several options!!! There’s no confusion with this quality baby’s our first pick every time!

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It’s not only mom approved but mom made! 

The story behind the brand: “Baby Deedee (Adrian), was born in 2008. An active, healthy little boy… but boy was it a challenge to get him to sleep. My instinct told me that if he felt cozy and secure, he would sleep better. His nursery was a little cooler than the rest of the house, so I envisioned a sleep sack in a cocoon-like shape, with a soft cotton exterior and filled with light, breathable, plush duvet quilting. After all, if Mommy and Daddy felt more comfortable sleeping in a duvet, surely Baby Deedee would too. I searched and searched, and couldn’t find any comfy, well-designed versions that matched my vision. So I designed my own. Nine months later, baby deedee sleep nests were born!…The original sleep nest was followed by the lighter weight sleep nest lite for the spring and summer months and the oversized toddler sleep quilt…”

Today is your lucky day to enter for a chance to win your very own Baby Dee Dee Quilt (green)! We know you love the quilt, what other products are on your wish list? Comment with your favorite product AND see the Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

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The product and photos were provided for this product review but my opinions are my own and I fully back this amazing brand!

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  1. we use the baby deedee jersey and insulated sleep sacks and they are incredible quality and our absolute favorites!

    Would LOVE to have the blanket

  2. as a first time mom to be this quilt looks amazing!! I cant wait to snuggle with my lil one when he/she arrives 🙂 i have heard sleep sacks are great and I do not think you can ever have enough blankets!


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