Sara is an Arizona native who grew up in North Phoenix and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Jake, for almost seven years. They have an energetic little boy, and just welcomed a sweet baby girl into this world. The true boss of the household is Cici, their Pomeranian, who wishes she still remained an only child. Sara majored in accounting at the University of Arizona and received her master’s in taxation from Arizona State (although she remains a Wildcat at heart!) Sara finds so much joy in helping people plan for the future through financial planning and tax preparation. Some of Sara’s favorite things include: outdoor adventures, hot yoga, sushi, coffee, wine and running (which probably more closely resembles slow jogging). While Sara is a true introvert at heart who thrives on a night-in at home with the family, she is trying to be more adventurous, hence joining the North Phoenix Moms Blog team!

Views on Money I Hope to Pass to my Kids

Being in the financial industry, I have had the privilege of observing many different families, their behaviors, thoughts on money and spending habits. I find it interesting that people can vary so drastically on...

New Year – Time for a Hobby!

With being accessible 24/7 and societal expectations exceedingly high, I believe now more than ever it is important that we all have some sort of hobby or creative outlet. Stay with me here. I...

Why “Because I Said So” Isn’t Good Enough

The infamous words that every parent supposedly gets the right to use when they cross the bridge into parenthood - "Why not? Because I said so." Done. That's it. Our kids are supposed to...

Free, Unconventional Date Night Idea!

Are you looking for a date night idea that is different than the traditional dinner and a movie? Also something you could do in a couple hours (because, hello - babysitters are expensive!) or...

Conquering Disneyland with Toddler in Tow

Since my son was born, I have been looking forward to taking him to Disneyland (not an exaggeration). I have such fond memories going there as a child that I couldn’t wait to share...

Why Nagging is Poison to a Marriage

When I told my husband I would be writing a post on nagging, he laughed. Why you ask? Because I deal with this nagging battle on a daily basis and my husband knows of...

A Letter to the NICU Nurse Who Took Care of Me and My Baby

My son was born prematurely back in September 2015. At 32 weeks, I had just finished taking my maternity pictures and the next day my water broke. I checked into the hospital immediately for...

The Best, Top 5 Gift Ideas for Second Time Mamas

It’s pretty easy to pick out a gift for a first time mom.  I would never think of veering away from the all-encompassing baby registry which I know the expecting mom spent so many...

Do I Want to be a Working Mom When Maternity Leave Ends?

Are people ever 100% confident in a decision they make? I mean, do they feel completely assured that they are making the best choice for their family? As I sit here and type this,...
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