Mariana Marie is a wife and mother of 3. When she isn’t juggling the many duties of being a wife and mother, Mariana is on set. Starting very young in the fashion industry as a model, she loves all things style related: Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup especially. With over 10 years experience as a professional stylist, she has branched into the blogging world.

Style Tips: Taking Your Look From Day to Night

We mamas need to be able to change our style in the blink of an eye. Who has time to stress over changing your whole outfit? I certainly don't, and when I can change...

How To Create Effortless Beachy Waves

When I actually do my hair, and don't just have it flopped on top of my head in a mom bun... yeah, watch out man bun, the mom bun is way cooler... I often...

Frozen: Anna Inspired Hair // Disney on Ice

My daughter is always asking me to do my hair like Anna from Frozen, but as a mama who is pushing into those mature years... pig tails are not always appropriate. So I came up...

Beauty: Bold Brow Tutorial

Eye Brows have become quite the statement to make over the last couple years. Whether that is a good statement or a bad one, is up to how you are doing them. As a...

BEAUTY: All Natural DIY Pumpkin Mask

What MOM is going to say no to an organic skincare mask? Relaxing, hydrating, calming, anti-aging. Hello, all the things I want at the end of my day! Here is a quick all natural...
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