Dr Leigh Lewis

Dr Leigh Lewis
fertility preparedness

Fertility Preparedness

Fertility preparedness may seem like an unusual thing to talk about during infertility awareness week, but if you are among the countless women hoping for a successful pregnancy after infertility, this article is for...

Health Tips for Adolescent Girls

Puberty is an awkward phase for most, what with the bleeding, the acne, the self-doubt, the fear. But with attention to a few simple guidelines and tips up your sleeve, you can help your...
let's talk about sex

Let’s Talk About Sex

Let's talk about sex. There are several times over the course of a woman’s life when changes in sexual interest and enjoyment can be compromised. The causes for these changes are often multifactorial. Hormone changes...

Moms and Daughters: Addressing Body Image, Weight, and Metabolic Issues in a Positive Way

These days, with the impact of Covid-19 on our socializing IRL, many are turning more than ever to social media. These platforms can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and...
covid-19 risk

Decreasing Risk…Your Overall Health and COVID-19

We are all in a heightened state of alert during the COVID-19 pandemic. We should be. Concerns about masks and hand sanitizers and social distancing and quarantine are real and necessary. Do all the...

Hormones? Or am I Losing My Mind?

The reproductive lifecycle of women is fraught with many transitions that increase the susceptibility to mental and emotional symptoms. From puberty to premenstrual to pregnancy and postpartum to menopausal, these times of hormonal flux...
top 10 healthy habits

Top 10 Healthy Habits for Wellness in the New Year

Oftentimes, we reach the holidays in a reflective mood: What went right or wrong this past year? What can we change for the better in the new year? Sometimes we reach December with lots...
4th trimester wellness

4th Trimester Wellness: Tips to Thrive in Postpartum

Last month's topic of matresence, the transition to motherhood that women experience upon having a child, leads nicely into the topic of postpartum health and wellness, another area that is often ignored in medicine....

Matrescence – The birth of a Mother

Our culture has terms for the beginning (pubescence) and the end (menopause) of a woman's reproductive life, but the transition to motherhood, matrescence, has been largely ignored. The anthropologist Dana Raphael first coined this...
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