Originally from the Midwest, Jinny has lived in Arizona since 1996 and is desperately missing winters. She met her husband Paul at church, and they married in 2010. In 2014 they were surprised with the blessing of their daughter, Ruby, through adoption. With a background in Interior Design, Jinny loves decorating and space planning. She's a failed minimalist who loves options and patterns too much to commit. She enjoys organizing and decluttering, photography, party planning, cookie decorating, and has a healthy obsession with planners and all things paper.
side dish

Your New Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

I am a purist when it comes to my traditions. Especially holiday traditions. What makes the holidays feel like the holidays is different for each of us. So I was suprised when this non-traditional...
great quit

The Great Quit: When Capacity Demands Margin

"Have you had a chance to read the book for planning retreat yet?" A simple question from my friend and director of an organization I am volunteering with.  "No, not yet." And then the tears...
popular posts

Most Popular Posts of 2022 on Phoenix Moms

Every year, our contributors write on a variety of topics to reach as many moms with as many relatable experiences as possible. From DIY projects to restaurant reviews to personal motherhood choices, you, our...
youth extra small

Youth Extra Small: Reflections on the Night Before Kindergarten

In the weeks leading up to Kindergarten, we were excited! We shopped for supplies. We talked about all the new friends she would make and how much fun she would have at school. The...
kids' clothing

The Best Time to Shop for Kids’ Clothing

Whether it's a new season, a growth spurt, or a stain that won't budge, it seems like we are constantly adding new kids' clothing to the rotation. But when is truly the best time...
crockpot turkey

Goodbye, Dry Turkey!

Have you resigned yourself to the idea that your Thanksgiving turkey will be dry, no matter what? Have you convinced yourself that it's okay because that's what gravy is for? Or maybe worse yet,...
perfect pea soup

Perfect Pea Soup, Perfect for Fall

This amazingly easy pea soup is a crowd pleaser every time. Make sure you get it in your dinner rotation so you can enjoy it all season long!  I'm not big on cooking rules, so...
finding common ground

Finding Common Ground

Gosh, what a time to be alive. In this unprecedented season, people across the world are living out history in the making as this virus unfolds. We are all having a shared experience together.   Yet...
kindergarten interrupted

Kindergarten, Interrupted: Collateral Damage from Covid-19

When I sent my Youth, Extra Small off to Kindergarten, I didn't forsee it ending like this. Kindergarten, interrupted. A virus has come, and the list of collateral damage is long. Businesses have closed....

Valentine Cookies {Connecting Through Traditions}

I’m a high-control mom. I’m working on it. More on that in a sec. First, a trip down memory lane. Valentine’s Day is such a nostalgic time of year for me. When I think back...
Dear Fall

Dear Fall

Dear Fall, I don't know where we went wrong. Why don't you want to be with me? It's like even when you're here, you're not really here. I miss you. I need to feel you...
watered and waited

I Watered and Waited

Something deep in my spirit can relate to this plant. Over the 4th of July holiday we took our usual trip to visit my mom and stepdad. We would be gone 4 days, and was...
school supplies

School Supplies: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I grew up in a small town, and we didn't have many options for shopping. But we did have a Walmart! I remember asking my Granny to take me to Walmart because it was...
the art of racing in the rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain: Movie Review

The Hubbs and I get one date night a month. So I was thrilled when the opportunity to see an advanced screening of The Art of Racing in the Rain fell on date night...

Solitude: The Necessary Flip Side of Community

We were designed for community. We need each other. As moms, having a community of support to celebrate with and commiserate with is so important. We were not meant to do this job alone....
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