Jessica loves to create simple and yummy food for her family and with her family. She does not believe that your food has be to fancy and expensive to be beautiful and delicious. In her free time she loves to hang out with her amazing little girl Caroline and brand new baby boy Benjamin. Her husband is her hero. And yellow is her favorite color. She would love for you to come check out all of her recipes on See Salt tv and subscribe to her newsletter for yummy inspiration delivered right to your inbox.

Foodie Friday: Rustic Breakfast Casserole

A delicious breakfast casserole with a blend of rustic bread, eggs, italian sausage, gouda cheese, escarole greens, and wild mushrooms... to serve up for any (special) occasion.  Just perfect for the winter! INGREDIENTS 8 ounces of ground...

Foodie Friday: Creamy Peppermint Hot Cocoa

It is the PERFECT time of year to enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa... and it to make it a little more festive, why not add some peppermint?!  The peppermint makes a superb...

Foodie Friday:: Late Harvest Bake

This Late Harvest Bake is perfect for the fall season which is all about gathering and community. This casserole is the perfect tummy-warming dish for you and your friends and family. Filled with butternut squash,...

Foodie Friday: Simple Zucchini Noodles

Looking for an easy and healthy dish to feed the fam?  Look no further.  Zucchini noodles are a great alternative to regular noodles and your picky eaters might not even know they are vegetables!  This recipe keeps things simple...

The Little Biting Tree – Teething Necklace Set Giveaway

This is a sponsored post. We received The Little Biting Tree product to review. My opinions are my own and my review is honest. I do not typically do reviews but when the opportunity came to...

Foodie Friday: The One Minute Breakfast Sandwich

The perfect quick and easy breakfast for any mom on the go!  Sometimes, when making sure our family gets fed and out the door in the morning, we can overlook taking care of and feeding ourselves....

Foodie Friday: Apple Pie Ice Cream Float

Love this fun spin on the classic ice cream float recipe. This recipe has apple cider and ginger ale added to vanilla ice cream for a truly delicious treat. INGREDIENTS vanilla ice cream apple cider ginger ale DIRECTIONS Scoop three scoops of...

Foodie Friday: Grilled Orange Ale Skewers

It's nearly Independence Day and we've got a tasty grilled meal for you! Read on for a marinade that will take your chicken to the next level! This recipe makes tender, juicy and flavorful...

Foodie Friday: The Perfect Iced Coffee

Good morning. It's no secret that we LOVE our coffee! Today's recipe marries the idea of a nice long “cold” brew that is deliciously smooth and bold with the vietnamese style of using sweetened...
mothers_day breakfast in bed

Mother’s Day Granola and Melon

Mother's Day Granola and Melon The perfect dish to serve on Mother's Day.  Simple, delicious and good for you. INGREDIENTS Numbers correlate to layers of the stack starting from the bottom up. (1) Granola (2) Honeydew finely diced ...

Foodie Friday : 4 Pea Salad

Happy Spring!!!! I absolutely adore this time of the year! As do my kids. We are slightly obsessed with Easter decorations, daffodils from Trader Joes, and those candy coated chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs. You...

Foodie Friday: Valentine Chocolate Balls

These are the PERFECT no-bake gift for your loved one or simply for you! You may even have most of the ingredients on hand! I think the best part of these is the incredible perfection...

Foodie Friday: Grand Marnier Broiled Grapefruit

Happy New Year friends! And happy fresh start to your eating habits, goals, and dreams of trying new things. Today we are bring you a fun take on an incredible classic we have been...

Foodie Friday: Pomegranate Avocado Toast

  Ok, are any of you sick of avocado toast? Lets be honest, is that even POSSIBLE? We are still obsessed with this perfectly balanced quick option for breakfast or anytime you need a quick...

Foodie Friday: Simple Swedish Apple Pie

We are loving the holidays over at SEE Salt tv. This season we are especially drawn to anything that is delicious and simple. I adore this WAY TOO SIMPLE recipe and am so thankful...
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