Faith Drew

I was born in South Korea and adopted at 5 months old. I grew up learning there are many internal characteristics and needs as humans, we all share. We all share a desire to connect and to belong. The way I grew up has influenced my profession as a couples therapist - I help people be in-relationship with one another honoring their autonomy and creating connection and belongingness. I am grateful for being adopted, being part of a loving family, sharing a life with my best friend, raising a tiny human and Westie, and helping my community. Find me @connectcouplestherapy.

Glamping: Your Solution To A Device-Free Weekend

After a year and a half of back-to-back Zoom meetings, we could all use a weekend to unplug. Unplugging as a family, especially as a couple, has tremendous benefits and has the potential to improve ...
dinner with your kids

Is Dinner with Your Kids Really that Important?

People go to great lengths to give their children the leading edge when it comes to education and playing sports: moving across the country, hiring the best tutors and trainers, enrolling in the most...
kids should see

5 Things Your Kids Should See at Home

There might be many times you hide from your children. Like when you have a monstrous candy bar and you want to enjoy it without sharing. Yes, we’ve all been there, lying down in...
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