Erin is a native of California currently residing in Peoria, AZ with her husband, James, and their two adorable and exhausting kiddos. Being a stay-at-home-mom for the last four years has taught Erin that raising kids is the most wonderful job in the world, and that spending some time away from those kids is the most glorious thing a mother can do for herself. In her extremely rare alone time she enjoys reading, eating massive amounts of chocolate chip cookies, and not playing Barbies.
family photos

What You Need to Know Before Your Next Family Photoshoot

Fall is here, which for many of us means it’s time to get family photos taken. I’ve spoken with Emily Ferguson, half of the duo that makes up Madison Grey Photography, to get the...
mom funk

Fighting the Mom Funk

Motherhood can be overwhelming. All consuming. Debilitating. One moment your life is your own, your body is your own, your time is your own. Then the next thing you know, you have a baby...
mom hugs

Free Mom Hugs

It’s simple. “Our job as a parent is to love our children unconditionally,” says Shannon Black, founder of the Arizona chapter of Free Mom Hugs (FMH), a national non-profit created in 2014 to “Empower...
talking about race

Don’t Stop Talking About Race

Racial injustice. White privilege. Systemic racism. Black Lives Matter. Anti-racist. Microaggressions. Whether you are watching the news, scrolling through Instagram, or catching up with an old friend, current events in the U.S. have brought...

3 Science Experiments to Try With Your Preschooler This Summer

School is out. It’s hot. I’m feeling lazy and my kiddos are restless. What’s a mom to do? I can only allow my kids to melt their brains with YouTube for so long before...
gift ideas

Thinking Out of the Box Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

I think we all can agree that a one year old baby would be happy with an empty cardboard box or a toilet paper roll for their birthday. Heck, even my five and two-year-old...

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Ten years ago this Valentine’s Day my husband surprised me with a beach proposal, making February 14, 2010 one of the most romantic days of my life. Since then we’ve lived in three different...
phoenix fall

How to Thrive During a Phoenix Fall

It’s October. Fall is in the air. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing, and Pumpkin Spice flavored everything has hit the shelves. But wait—scratch that one about the leaves changing—Phoenix doesn’t do...

6 Easy Patriotic Treats Even Your Preschooler Can Make

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and it’s time to celebrate the good ol’ USA! Check out these simple and fun patriotic treats that both you and your preschooler will enjoy...

10 Tasty Cocktails To Try On Your Next Girls Night Out

I recently went on a girls’ weekend getaway with two of my best friends from college. We are all moms now and were in desperate need of some good gab and chill time together,...

Forget Fitness: 9 Other Reasons Moms Should Join a Gym This Summer

Gyms are promoted as being great places to work out, get fit, and stay healthy. And of course, they are. Most gyms these days are loaded to the brim with all kinds of exercise...

Thinking About Getting a Dog? Think Again

“Honey, let’s get a dog! It will protect us, inspire us to get more exercise, and be a wonderful companion when we have kids!” That was me six years ago. “Don’t do it! You will...
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