Beth is an Arizona native, small business owner, freelance writer, wife and mom of two. She loves to relate to parents through humor and restore sanity with creative ideas for home organization – labeling is her therapy. When Beth is not moving children or trying to make time to write, she can usually be found digging in her garden with Baylor (2009) and Auggie (2012).
perfect 10

A Perfect Ten

At this exact moment, all of the laundry in our family of five is clean. Every. Single. Item. This must be how Mary Lou Retton felt when she scored a perfect 10.  Omg, I...

I’m a Better Mom When My Kids Are in School

A few months after my oldest was born, I took over running a small family business. The business was in desperate need of attention and I was needing to use my brain for more than calculating...

How To Trick Your Kids Into Doing Anything

Tired of begging your children to comply? Want to learn how to trick your kids into helping out more? I distinctly remember the family gathering when I saw my mom convince my then four year...

Will I Ever Have It All Figured Out And Not Be a “New Mom?”

I think as moms, we all need some form of therapy. For me, some of the best therapy is crying on my mom's shoulder, drinking wine with my friends or husband, or getting my hair done....

Successful School Mornings in 5 Simple Steps

As a new school year begins, so does the scheduling and so do the inevitable school mornings. Getting our lives organized is essential to getting to school on time and with all necessary items....

On Parenting and Stockholm Syndrome

As I was packing for a friend's wedding in Chicago, I was panicking. I really hate to travel, even for fun, and leaving the kids for the weekend stresses me out. Even when they are...
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