Alex is the consummate do-it-yourself type. She is a real estate professional, a self-proclaimed artist, and a mommy. She is just as fierce with a makeup brush as she is with a wrench, which lends itself perfectly to the mechanic in her. She's a hippy at heart; she loves the beauty of art, the magic of mother nature, and the love and joy she sees in her kids. Alex does it all! She lives an eclectic life style, and loves every minute of it.
lost job

So I Lost My Job… Now What?

So, I lost my job ... now what?! The thing I feared the most recently happened. After years of endless energy and dedication, and even putting my work before my family, I have been "released." It...

When Did Saying No to Kids Become Unacceptable?

Is it me or did disciplining your children become a topic parents have been taught to fear? I mean, when did saying "no" to your children become something parent's shouldn't do?  The amount of...

Getting It Together: The Family Routine

Have you ever wondered how some moms can do it all?  You know, like the soccer mom who has a color-coordinated schedule, attends all the PTA meetings, and manages to cook those splendid five-star dinners,...

Being Scared to Death By Pregnancy

I have always been that mom that dreaded the question "When are you having another child?" I didn't seem to be able to avoid the questions being asked time and time again. Whether it...

How to Take Care of You: The Importance of Mom-ME Time

Do you ever get that feeling that you want to hide for a few hours and not be found? You know, when your nerves are at your breaking point and burrowing in your closet...

Breastfeeding In Public: My Husband’s Discomfort

It is no mystery that breastfeeding in public is a topic that sparks much controversy.  The word "shaming" is thrown back and forth between the liberals and the conservatives, the introverts and the extroverts....
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