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As mentioned here we have started designing printables for our readers. We wanted to make sure you all were set for the fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday. I have designed a set of printables for you to use Around the Table to keep in theme of our current series going on. The pieces I came up with are for that reader that wants things to look great on a budget. I don’t know about you but I’m all about presentation! So here are to-go food labels that can go right on top the red lid plastic ware that seems to be in most of our cupboards. These have clever sayings as well as a name option or an expiration date spot depending on what you are sending home with dinner guests. I also considered that most of us have the staple red Solo cups on hand as well. For the cups I added some Martha Stewart labels to make keeping track of your cup fab! Us North Phoenix Moms (previously WVMB) gals are all about keeping it charming while convenient. So with a growing list of things to take care of before the holiday we want to make sure running out and locating or ordering take home containers for your guests isn’t one of them…let’s use what we have already got.


Place cards and a sweet Around This Table There is Love tent sign will make guests feel like you really rolled out the RED carpet for them. 😉 Enjoy these paper products and have a wonderful feast with your family and friends! XO!

West Valley Mom's Blog - Thanksgiving Printable 2

(Please do not share/copy/or sell this printable. You may “pin” it,  please source correctly. You may not claim it as your own or alter the image. It is for personal use ONLY! This image is property of North Phoenix Moms Blog (previously WVMB) and Just Us Three Design.)

West Valley Mom's Blog - Thanksgiving Printable 2013 (1)

West Valley Mom's Blog - Thanksgiving Printable 2013 (2) West Valley Mom's Blog - Thanksgiving Printable 2013 (3)


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