“April Shower” your Husband with Appreciation Day


“April Showers, Brings May Flowers”

April 17th 2021 is Husband Appreciation Day. wives don’t worry our day is September 19, 2021. And though there is a specific day for it, we can learn to celebrate each other all year long. I recently learned about this day and thought it would be great to show appreciation to my husband. In the 10.5 years we have been married my husband has made many sacrifices. Initially following me across country to be a military spouse. The most recent was leaving his job to be a stay-at-home dad to our three kids.

When we had our twins, we expected some financial constraints with childcare. We quickly realized that it wasn’t an option. One twin had feeding difficulties and developmental delays. We decided it would be best to not put her in daycare until she was feeding better or eating on her own. Fast forward 2.5 years and a pandemic we still haven’t felt comfortable sending her to daycare. She is now eating on her own and developing at her own pace.

I can’t show my husband enough appreciation for all that he has done for us. Now that I am aware of this day, I will definitely be planning something. Husband appreciation day is celebrated on the third Saturday of April. “April showers, brings May Flowers.” Now April will bring Husband Appreciation Showers. It would be pretty cool if “Husband Showers” became a tradition. I don’t think they would want a full-on party, but the little things do matter.Husband Appreciation Shower Invitation

Showing your husband appreciation doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. One way is by telling your husband often, if not daily, how much you appreciate them. Acknowledging their feelings. Giving them a day off. Doing one of their favorite activities for date night. Cooking their favorite meal or ordering in. A staycation is my choice of celebrations when a vacation is not an option. It provides an intimate time away from the daily routines of life.


Husband Appreciation Day in Phoenix

  1. Outdoor activities- to include golfing, fishing, hiking, boating or picnic.
  2. Spa activities- my new favorite are mobile massages that come to you, but there are plenty of spas in the area.
  3. Restaurants- being that it is April, the weather would be perfect for restaurants with outdoor seating.
  4. Meal delivery services- I recently started utilizing these services. My husband has been loving the variety of restaurant quality meals, prepared by ME.
  5. Museums- there are a variety of museums in phoenix to include art, science, and history.

Love LanguageWe don’t need a day to celebrate our husbands but we do need to be conscious of how often we show our appreciation. I can say, I can do better myself. I appreciate all that my husband does for us and he is so selfless in giving his all daily.

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