How To Achieve Financial Freedom :: The “Plan” {Part 3}


Finishing off our Financial Freedom series with the final installment: How To Achieve Financial Freedom: The “Plan” {Part 3}

If you missed the first two parts, check The “Why” {Part 1} and  The “How” {Part 2}.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten on the same page as your spouse on what your long term financial goals are, along with developing a household budget and jump starting your new financial plan with a challenge or two to save some money (anyone do No Spend September?!)

So what now?

It’s easy to get excited and focused the first few weeks of sticking to a budget-but then the excitement dies down when you realize that sacrifice is going to be a big part of hitting your financial goals, and that budget is (ideally) a lifelong habit. 

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Some tips to help you stay motivated and on track:

  • Treat yo’self (within reason!) when you hit certain aspects or stepping stones to your big financial goals. Now, don’t go breaking the bank, but periodically having pre-planned treats for yourself will keep you from feeling too constricted. Also, indulging at home can keep the cost down:
    • Hot bath after the kiddos go to sleep with epsom salts, lavender, and a good book and afterwards I feel like I’ve had a spa day.
    • A bottle of decent wine at home plus some some store bought dessert=date night in.
    • Get your list on Netflix all queued up so next time you’re having a rough day you can get in some comfy clothes and not have the dreaded 45-minute, what-the-heck-should-we-watch argument.
    • I’m a big reader and I have a Kindle-so I always have about 10 books through the library e-borrow system saved on my account…free reading material!
  • Find an old school method to keep track of your money:
    • We go super old school right now and just use an Excel spreadsheet, plus use the cash envelope system so we can visually see our money all the time. Eventually we may switch back to using our debit cards, and an App to track everything, but for now this helps keep us focused daily on our budget.
    • Quicken is another option for money tracking.
  • ..Or find an App to keep track of your money:
  • Find support! The best part of sharing my small tidbits of financial advice have been when friends reach out to me and say…”Hey! I saw your post about money and ….” and then they share what their financial journey is and what they’re working towards, and tell me how it’s going. It’s an amazing feeling to brainstorm and support fellow friend’s goals!

I hope this was helpful and inspired a few of you to take charge of your finances, no matter how uncomfortable it can be to get started- it’s ALWAYS worth it!

Comment below with any tips I may have left out!


  1. This is great info Jacqueline! Definitely plan on having my husband read all 3 parts. Also I wanted to add, depending on your bank there be fees charged for NOT using your debit card. I found out the hard way, if I don’t have at least 3 transactions per month I will be changed $7 checking fee.


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