“ABC D is Ability: Getting To Know Kids With Disabilities” Giveaway


“Let me take you on a journey. You will meet some amazing kids with incredible abilities. I met them not to long ago. They shared with me their stories and even drew me pictures. In alphabetical order I learned of their unique abilities despite their disabilities. A fictional depiction of nonfictional medical diagnosis. When we see inclusion and acceptance with all kids.”


“ABC D is Ability: Getting to know kids with disabilities”

A children’s book written by Natassia Williamson and illustrated by Christopher Williamson.

Hello, I am the author and creator of “ABC D is Ability” and I am collaborating with Phoenix Moms to giveaway 3 copies of the book. I want to thank Phoenix Moms for this opportunity. I started writing for Phoenix Moms blog this year and have learned a lot over the past couple months.

ABC D is Ability

I started writing this book in 2019. I gave birth to twin girls in 2018. One of my twin daughters had feeding difficulties and problems gaining weight. When she was 5 months, she got a feeding tube due to bottle refusal and failure to thrive. She slowly began to gain weight and “thrive.” I started doing a lot of research in hopes to find a diagnosis. It was also a way for me to process my emotions and feelings during this time. This is when the idea of the book came about. I wanted to explore children’s abilities despite their disabilities and ABC D is Ability was born.

I have always been a writer but never really called myself one. Writing has always been passion of mine and I’ve wanted to write a book since childhood. I started writing different books throughout the years but never fully committed to finishing one. A perfect blend utilizing my knowledge of healthcare and love for creative writing. ABC D is Ability is a one-of-a-kind book that will allow parents and educators to discuss topics of disabilities. To help children learn, ask questions and promote inclusion and acceptance. 

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