“A week of LOVE” creative treats for your Valentine!



If you are like me and LOVE celebrating and decorating the house for each and every fun holiday that approaches, then you will LOVE this post! Valentine’s is one of my favorites hype up because it just means I get to dedicate my crafting and baking to my husband and children!! Of course I can do things like that every day but this “Week of LOVE” is just a fun way to let them know AGAIN how much you LOVE them so!

My hubby and I have been married almost 7 years and we still like to leave little LOVE notes for each other around the house. Whether it is on the bathroom mirror, in lunchboxes packed for work, or on steering wheels, we both love giving and receiving little LOVE notes. It is just a simple sweet reminder that we are thought of and loved!

Once my girls (ages 3 and 5) got a little older I decided I would start the “Week of LOVE” with them like I had done with my husband! There are so many resources out there on the internet especially with Pinterest to get some adorable ideas for, but I have a great blog I follow and really enjoyed her post on “50 Creative ways to say I LOVE you”

You can start the month of Valentine’s or you can do the week before, you can even continue after Valentine’s Day who says you have to stop… there is no required amount of days to participate in it, you just decide on a few of your favorite ways to show them you care and start leaving  little surprises with notes attached around the house! If you have kids in school and you pack their lunches why not hide them in there for a special surprise when they go to eat their lunch. For others ideas you can set them on the television, at the computer, on their dressers, in their car seats etc!

I am slacking a bit this year (is it just me or does it already seem to be flying by?) so I am just doing the week of Valentine’s this year but here are my top 15 favorites that have been fun in the past years! I just write the sayings on little cards and attach them to the treats!

1) “Valentine you are quite the catch” -a pack of goldfish or (my hubby’s favorite) Swedish Fish candies!

2) “You blow my mind Valentine” – A pack of gum or a blow pop sucker

3) “You are the BOMB” – bath bombs (I get them at Lush or World Market) my girls LOVE these for bath time especially the ones that leave a million tiny pink hearts in the tub as it dissolves!

4) “I a-door you” – a personalized door hanger (this is a fun one for the kids’ bedrooms)

5) “I wheelie like you” – a small toy car (great one for boys)

6) “You are the highlight of my life” – a fun colored highlighter (I know my man always needs them for work)

7) “I love you beary much”- attach gummy beards or teddy grahams

8) “You are extra special to me” – a pack of Extra gum (pink bubble gum for the kiddos)

9) “I think you are a-MAZE-ing”- a book of mazes (good for older kiddos)

10) “You make my heart bounce” – bouncy balls are always a fun treat!

11) “I like the way you roll” – rolos or tootsie rolls

12) “Donut you know I love you” – doughnut holes (a great way to make breakfast on Valentine’s Day fun)

13) “Our love was mint to be” – a package of mints or mint flavored chocolate

14) ” You are a hottie” – OBVIOUSLY for your spouse ha attach hot tamales candy!

15) “You rock” – who doesn’t love pop rocks?!

SO there you have my favorites, feel free to use them or make up your own! You can even send some to the neighbors or teachers at your kids schools!

How do you make Valentine’s fun for your family?!

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Born and raised in the valley, Mandi has been married to the love of her life David since 2007. They have been blessed with two beautiful girls, Gracelyn born 2008 and Briella born 2010. Mandi finds so much joy in being a stay at home mom and enjoys hosting play dates, dinner parties and organizing get togethers with her friends. When she isn't busy studying for her Doula certification, you can find her tied to her hot glue gun or elbow deep in ribbon designing simple, elegant girly hair accessories for her little online store Jolie Fille Bowtique. She is loves fancy coffees, good storms and outdoor adventures! She looks forward to every holiday and loves to celebrate big as each one approaches. When she’s not playing dress up with her babes, she loves DATE NIGHTS with her man, thrifting with friends, and thinking up creative ways to make and capture fun memories! She feels so blessed for this life God has given her and desires to share His amazing joy with everyone she meets! You can keep up with her family on their blog www.wearesimplyblessed.blogspot.com


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