A Pinterest Worthy Favor Made Me Feel Like A Mommy Failure


North Phoenix Moms Blog - My Pinterest Worthy Project Made Me Feel Like A Mommy Failure

If you are “lucky” like me, right as you come down from the rush that is Back To School you have EVEN MORE planning to do. I have an August 12th baby so that means it’s Back To School + Birthday/Class Party. Don’t get me wrong I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF but the struggle is real coming off one obstacle only to have to finish line ACTUALLY be the start line for the next obstacle. Well this year I was lucky enough that I got a couple weeks to plan because in the past it’s been the very same week or even the next day that school starts that I’m planning favors and treats and decor.

OK so this year was the first time I was thinking am I doing too much?! A Pinterest worthy favor made me feel like a mommy failure. I was questioning myself.

I mean the average person would think provide a box of treats and that should do it. Not me. Nope. I was thinking it should be Back To School themed. A new school restriction is no red dye. So I settled on Target Market Pantry Fruit and Veggie Blend Snacks because they met the requirements of red dye free and were prepackage. But then I didn’t like the look of the prepackaged packing very much. My idea was to wrap it for a cleaner + cuter look. OF COUSRE I didn’t love the look of a plain packaged snack. Ugh! So I “quickly” created a graphic and sent to the printer. Brought home 28 clever + cute color prints that needed slicing and scoring and folding and taping.


I thought to myself. Is my daughter even interested? Will her classmates care about this?

So I held up the original vs. my version AND ASKED HER.

North Phoenix Moms Blog - Easy Class Party Favor - Printable

She said, “I like the one with my name on it.” Green light (she is sooooo my kid)! I “quickly” wrapped up the rest of the treats. I wish I could say it stopped there. Next I added a crayon for each classmate and was off to an event soooo I couldn’t finish them up. It was the morning of that I put it in hyper mode and stuffed some school themed letter stickers in the bags with the treats and crayons and tied the cello bags with some sweet bakers twine. Of course the teacher had her own bag with adorable adhesive paper flags and matching chalk (thank you Target Dollar Spot). Because of this intricate assembly line I literally worked on them all morning, did her hair and spent 5 minutes on myself before we hurried out the door. (Thank you hubby for picking up the slack!)


We got to school and I dropped the bag off to her teacher and we settled into a bench on the playground. I’m a major people watcher. I noticed a mom with a boy. She was carrying a Costco sized box of chips. Another boy is struggling with a big box of Oreos. Uh oh! Maybe I DID over do it. Everyone is showing up with treats still.in.the.box. But daughter GAVE me that green light.

Maybe my Pinterest worthy project was kinda a mommy fail?! 

I shared the story with friends and I LOVED the answer I got. I mentioned the mom with the chips in particular. To which my friend said, “Her strength is in a different area.”


I wasn’t really targeting anyone person just more mentioning that I clearly was on my own island with the themed out favors. We are at a new school and I thinking maybe I did this whole thing wrong. Did favors styled like this only belong in preschool?! I wasn’t putting anyone down more wondering DID.I.FAIL?! But in that statement from my friend I was put at ease. I can be me and style things however I want until senior graduation because that is where my strength lies. There’s no “right” way in doing these types of things…unless you have red dye in your treat. LOL! Kidding. I know if I’m finding joy in my efforts and my kids are on board than that’s the right way for us.

Hope my experience got you thinking of your own mommy strengths. BEST PART below is the printable for those cute Pinteresty favors I created for my little. Yup I’m sharing them with you. I left the name space blank so you or your kiddo can sign their name. Enjoy!


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