A mother’s response to Coronavirus – Tips on how to stay calm


First, I want you to know that this will not be an alarming post. That isn’t the point. You can read on knowing that my goal is to help us all remain calm while helping our families navigate the Coronavirus and share a few tips on how to keep calm.



I once had a mentor tell me that ‘mothers are the thermostat of the home’. How we react to situations will be the example they will follow. 


Coronavirus Tips:

Take an inventory of your home in case we face a quarantine:

  • How many days food could you provide for your family? My husband and I decided that three weeks of meals would be a good place to start for us to feel comfortable. As I called out what was in the pantry, it relieved me to see that we had a very good start towards this goal.
  • Do you have a first aid kit and fire extinguisher on hand?
  • Do you have enough food for your pets?

Talk to your older children calmly:

  • After the news this past week, they will probably hear about it at school. I always like to be the first to tell them something, so they receive calm and correct facts – not another 9-year-old’s version of what is happening.
  • Depending on your family, there may be children who are too young to talk about it with. You can always just tell them, “We might see people in masks at the store. They are just doing a great job of covering up their sneezes.” 

Make a plan:

  • Does your family love board games? Buy a new one and hide it away!
  • Do your children love to craft? Stock up on those glue sticks.
  • Do you children love to read? Check out a few extra library books.
  • Do you have a home project that you’ve been wanting to finish? Grab the supplies and have them on hand just in case we end up with that extra time after all!

Remind them to wash, wash, wash those hands:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. We like to sing happy birthday and confuse everyone in the Chick-fil-A restroom.
  • Avoid touching your face. I know. This is almost impossible with little ones. We make up a lot of games and songs about putting our hands in our pockets. 
  • Sneeze into your elbow.
  • Stay home if you are ill. The world will keep turning, we promise. 

Being quarantined with your family does not have to be something you are frightened of. Take some time to make a plan so you are prepared. 

And finally, skip those alarming posts with the upsetting headlines. Go straight to the source and read the up to date, accurate information. Here are a few great resources:

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The WHO (World Health Organization)

When and how to wash your hands

If you have any other tips for coronavirus, let us know in the comments! 


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