8 Reasons to Love Being a Phoenix Mom!


It’s November, and cooler weather is finally here!  Did you think the summer heat would never end?  I always get to a point in October, usually during the last heat wave of the year (there always seems to be a couple last 100+ days right around Halloween, don’t there?) when I think that it will never cool off… and then it does, and it’s such a delight!  Now, we all bemoan our scorching summers, and the fact that we aren’t bundled in cozy sweaters in the fall, but there’s a lot to be said for living in the Valley of the Sun.  In fact, I made a list!  Here it is:


8 Reasons To Love Being a Phoenix-Area Mom!


Great deals!  When all the stores put out their sweaters and jackets in September, they put all their summer clothes on clearance.  Meanwhile, since it’s still 105 here and will be warm for 2 more months, Phoenix moms can grab great deals on shorts and T-shirts and get a lot of use from them!


Things to do!  There are tons of fun kids’ activities around the greater Phoenix area, all year round!  When it’s blazing hot, there are splashpads, the Phoenix Science Center, the Children’s Museum, and cool movie theaters…. When it’s cool, there are festivals, street fairs, and parks.  Looking for something new to try?  Downtown Phoenix has the Great Arizona Puppet Theater.  They run engagements of kids’ puppet shows for 3-4 weeks at a time.  My daughter loves going there!


No cold-weather work!  When we want to go outside in the winter, we just throw on a sweatshirt instead of 10 layers of winter jackets, scarves, boots, and hats.  And while snow might be beautiful and fun for a little while, I hear it’s a major pain to live with (as a southern California native, I wouldn’t know personally  🙂 Shovel snow from the sidewalks and driveway?  Nope, just walk right out the door!


Wildlife!  We have so many parks and trails on which to watch wild critters with our kids.  Rabbits, lizards, birds… kids love to spot animals.  And we also have 2 great zoos in the Valley.  My family has a Phoenix Zoo membership and we love it- they’ve got a great animal collection.  The Wildlife World Aquarium also has a special deal for its very impressive aquarium- after 5 pm, admission is half price.


Outdoor adventures!  With all our great weather, we can spend so much time outside!  Parks, playgrounds, and hiking trails… for 9 months out of the year, we can soak up the sunshine.  Nothing wears kids out like running around outside.  Lookout Mountain near 7th St and Greenway is great for some fairly flat, kid-friendly hiking.  And for those 3 months when it’s too hot, after-dark walks with a flashlight are an exciting adventure for kids.


Warm-weather holidays!  It’s true, we don’t get the picture-perfect snowy Christmas or cold, frosty Thanksgiving… but there are some definite advantages to celebrating the holiday season in warm weather.  Our kids don’t have to hide their Halloween costumes under jackets and boots.  We can eat our Thanksgiving turkey on the patio under bright-blue skies.  And on Christmas, we can send the kids with their new bikes, noisemakers, and candy-cane energy right out to the backyard.  That makes everyone happier, right?


Ice Cream and Popsicles!  For most people, these treats are just for summer… but we have warm weather excuses to eat them pretty much every month of the year!  (At least, that’s what I tell myself…)


Great community!  One of the best things about living in a major metropolitan area is that there’s such a variety of groups to join and meet friends.  MOPS, church groups, preschools, community center classes… there’s almost always a group to meet anyone’s particular situation and schedule.  And of course, there are also online communities like this one!


So even though it’s the time of year when we’re surrounded by imagery of fall leaves, snowflakes, and sledding, let’s remember that there are a lot of reasons to celebrate living in wonderful warm, sunny Phoenix!


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