7 Delicious Recipes for your Next Tailgate


The National Football Foundation (NFF) launched Football Matters, to celebrate the positive impact the game has made on millions of players, coaches, administrators, volunteers, and fans nationwide. It spotlights and explains the many benefits that football brings to communities, schools, families, and individuals and the opportunities it provides to those on and off the field and at every level. 

Just mentioning college football games makes me smile. It takes me back to perfect weather, Midnight Yell, standing on the bleachers the entire time the game was being played, watching the band perform at halftime, and losing my voice from yelling so loudly! I loved those Saturdays. I looked forward to them and planned our entire week around them.

In college, I worked in the cafeteria in the athletic dorm. I watched the players work hard until well after sundown and come in starving for anything that reminded them of home. Peach cobbler and subs were always favorites. I watched them studying in the dining room as we headed home after cleaning up. Knowing their names and seeing their effort and dedication made cheering for them on Saturday effortless. We wanted them to win. We wanted their incredibly hard work to be rewarded. 

Not much has changed. Our family still figures out game times and plans our weekend around making sure we can root for our favorite teams!

Instead of serving food to the hungry athletes, I am serving my sweet family. 

I love setting up food that is easy for everyone to eat, including the kids. I usually get everything ready about an hour before game time and set it out on the kitchen island. Everyone knows they can just help themselves and let me know when something is running low! It makes the entire day feel laid back and easy going. 


I love standing back and watching the kids root for our college alma mater. I love watching them jump up and down and get excited when they score. It’s not often that everyone in the house is getting along and cheering together. Watching football together 

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