6 Houseplants You (Probably) Can’t Kill


Hello. My name is Jessica, and I’m a serial plant killer.

The struggle is real!  Having plants in the home makes the whole place feel cheerier and brighter. But let’s be honest, some houseplants require more care and attention than a newborn baby (amiright?!). That can be hard to pull off with everything else in life you have to deal with. And even when you’re good about tending to them, they can often be hard to keep alive.

Even if you have little time or don’t have a green thumb, you can still have beautiful, lush greenery in your home. You just need to know what plants to look for.

Here are 8 easy-care houseplants you (probably) can’t kill.

1. Aloe Vera

Ahhh, every home medicine advocate’s favorite. Not only is this plant easy to care for, it’s super useful too. Got a sunburn? Aloe vera. Upset stomach? Aloe vera. IRS is after you? Aloe vera. Sorry, I got a little carried away there, but you get the point. You need this cool plant in your life!

2. Basil

Speaking of useful, basil is a great houseplant to have around. You can add basil to your sauces, or bruise a leaf and drop it into your cocktails. Trying to impress someone? Put a basil leaf on top of their food! (Not, like, Cheerios or Mac n’ Cheese. That’s weird.) Best of all, you can forget it’s around for a couple days and water it when you remember. It’ll come back again and again. 

3. Snake Plant

Snake plants are durable and thrive in a pot, so you won’t ever have to worry about it when you’re leaving on a trip. Important note: This plant is toxic to pets, so keep it far out of their reach.

4. Monstera

Forget about the trendy plant du jour fiddle-leaf figs; they’re expensive and hard to care for. Instead, double down on Monstera. This easy care plant is also having a trendy moment and it gives your whole pad a Palm Springs kinda vibe. (Who doesn’t want that?)

5. Devil’s Ivy

Even the worst gardener in the world can keep this plant alive! Just water it once in awhile and it will reward you by cleaning toxic carbon monoxide out of your air.

6. Rubber Plant

Talk about handy! This little guy (who can grow up to 10 feet, like for real!) is one of the best plants for removing toxins from the air AND you still can’t kill it — even if you live in a colder climate or like to keep your house at a brisk 68 degrees. Give your rubber plant a name and voila, you’ve got a new best friend that you barely have to do anything for.

Now that you’re armed with this info, you can head down to your local nursery and get a plethora of greenery to spruce up your place. I would love to see what houseplants you end up bringing home! 

Don’t forget to share this article with your plant-killing friends. They’ll appreciate you every time they inhale their fresh, plant-cleansed air!


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