5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Family Photographer


show appreciationThe holiday season has come and gone. I bet there’s a good chance you hired a photographer within the last few months to capture your family for holiday cards. Am I right?

Fall is busy season for family photographers and they often work right up until Christmas Day, making sure your photos are delivered on time. There is a joke in the photographer community that they’re always late sending out their own holiday cards, decorating the tree, or buying presents, because they’re so busy with clients leading up to Christmas. And it’s often true!

So how can you show appreciation for your photographer who worked so hard to make your family photos happen? Here are a few ideas:

1. Send her referrals. This is the #1 way to say “thank you” to your photographer. When you send your friends and family as referrals, it shows just how much you loved your experience.

2. Send her a holiday card. Photographers love seeing their work in real life, so add her to your address book and send a card with your printed family photos.

3. Tip her. Keep in mind that photographers work for themselves and don’t get a holiday bonus (unless they put in the extra hours). A small or large tip is a wonderful unexpected gift.

4. Book her again. Whether you are just coming back for family photos every fall, or you have another milestone to document throughout the year, loyalty to your photographer is always appreciated!

5. Tell her how much you love her. You can do this by responding when she sends you your online gallery (“We absolutely love our photos! Thank you so much!”) or by leaving a thoughtful review on her social media or Google business page.

As a photographer myself, I can tell you that we strive for positive affirmations from our clients. If you want to make your family photographer’s day, do one (or two, or three) of the things listed above!


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