5 Tips for the Successful Mompreneur (that I learned the hard way)


Ready to be a mompreneur and work for yourself? Five things you should know before you launch.

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A few years ago, I left my more-than-full-time corporate job to stay at home and raise my kids (which is still a more-than-full-time gig, but with fewer and smaller employees).

As they grew and became more independent, I found I had a lot more “me time” on my hands. And because I’m too Type A to actually sit down and enjoy that “me time,” I decided to test the waters as a mom entrepreneur or “mompreneur,” as I like to be called. I’ve met an amazing collective of “mompreneurs” and have learned a lot from their mistakes (and mine!).

Wanting to test the work-at-home mompreneur waters?  Here are a five things to consider before you get started:

Solve a problem. This helps with both figuring out what you want to do and how to market yourself. Remember one thing- not everyone knows what you know! If you have a set of skills or products that solve a specific problem, people will pay for a solution. Just remember- not ALL people have that problem, nor will all pay for it. This means you should choose targeted marketing solutions, rather than blind/blanket/mass hysteria marketing. With that in mind…

Don’t rely solely on social media. Social media is great for branding- it’s a great way for people to get to know the real you. But be wary of getting into anything if social media is the only marketing strategy. We all have a friend (or four) who sells wraps/cosmetics/locket jewelry and if you’re not the first one on the scene, chances are blanket marketing on social media isn’t going to lead to sustainable sales.

Network, retro style. The best saleswomen I know are really good about connecting with people individually and mentioning their businesses when it’s appropriate for the relationship.  Building relationships and developing partnerships takes good ol’ fashion time, but it works over the long haul.

If you are able, try working for yourself. Did you know that you can form an LLC yourself for less than the cost of most at-home business starter kits? I’ve tried my hand at a couple of direct sales gigs and you know what I found out? On 20% commission, you have to sell a whole lot of necklaces to make just $200. Keep in mind when working for yourself and being a successful mompreneur, you will be turning in that 40 hour a week job for a 60-80 hour one, but you will set the prices and keep the profits.

Don’t be afraid to change the plan. I’m a Jill-of-all-trades. I have a lot of interests and a variety of skills. That’s an entrepreneur’s dream AND nightmare, all wrapped into one. Entrepreneurship is challenging, mostly because it is a learning process you engage in completely in the public eye. But if you need to make a change to make better use of your skills/interests/time/money, get after it, boss lady.

I love hearing what has worked for other mom entrepreneurs. What tips have helped you grow your business?


  1. Love it! I absolutely agree on the networking aspect. One challenge I always have is my daily schedule. I think everyone struggles with that whether you’re a SAHM, full time working mom, or something in between, but in order to have a successful “mompreneur-type” business you really have to be disciplined with your daily tasks and obligations!


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