5 Simple Ways You Can Eat Clean + Keep Your Goals


The holidays bring all sorts of goodies and food that we don’t normally eat.  Our family tends to eat pretty clean, however, it started with fudge from a friend, then cinnamon rolls from an aunt and then my mom’s famous spinach dip.  It is all so delicious and when it’s in front of me, I just keep eating. To get back on track, I have created 5 Simple Ways You Can Eat Clean + Keep Your Goals.  I feel like once I start with these small goals, other healthy habits fall in to place more easily. 

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  1. Roast veggies: Buy a veggie to roast every night with dinner.  Dinner at our house is usually eggs, chicken, turkey or fish, but I love adding a roasted vegetable.  Mushrooms and red peppers are my favorites, but Brussels sprouts, broccoli and green beans rank pretty high too.  
  2. Don’t buy processed grains:  My girls love cereal, pretzels, crackers, oh the list goes on and on.   If we have them, I eat them.  To avoid this, I buy the crunch master gluten free crackers (Costco sells them), which are filled with seeds.  
  3. More nuts: Grab nuts as my go-to snack.  I love pistachios, cashews and almonds (I usually buy these at Costco as well).  I keep them in my car, my purse and in a bowl on the counter.  That way if I’m feeling at all hungry, I reach for nuts, not something else. 
  4. Eat good oils:  I love avocados, but sometimes I get lazy and don’t like to go to the store often enough to get fresh ones.  We often eat avocado with dinner.  It helps everyone feel full, get their omegas and it helps little brains to develop. 
  5. Morning workouts:  I have always worked out in the evenings, but lately with school aged kiddos, things pop up and I somehow miss my normal 4-5 days a week.  I started hitting the gym in the morning last month, and have realized it eliminates the excuse not to go when 5pm rolls around.   

Hope these tips help you and your family eat clean and keep to your goals! Do you have any clean eating or staying fit tips?  


  1. I recommend that with every meal, to think “plants first.” So often we think “protein first” but then we come up with pretty skimpy, boring veg options. it makes keeping on target so much easier to think of meals this way!


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