5 Places to Meet Mom Friends


If you missed my first list, you can read about seven places to meet mom friends here.

I’m back with five more places to meet mom friends, because we all know that motherhood can be lonely. Having a village of like-minded friends can help get you through the hard days and the long nights (having a friend you can text and vent to at 11pm… can I get an Amen!?).

meet mom friendsBirthing Class: Bite the bullet and make some mom friends before the babies even arrive! Meeting moms at your birthing class is a great way to find friends who will have babies the same age as yours. Talk to the couple sitting next to you, bond over the highs and lows of pregnancy, and suggest finding each other on Facebook. Keep in touch on social media and plan a meet up once your babies have arrived!

Scottsdale Shea has a lot of great classes for parents-to-be! See the list here.

North Phoenix Moms Blog Neighborhood Groups: We’ve made it easy to connect with other moms near you with neighborhood groups on Facebook. Join the group that’s closest to home and introduce yourself! Plan a playdate and post it in the group. 

Church: If you attend weekly service, you are bound to see some of the same people each time. Scope out some moms and start saying “hi!” each week.

Your favorite store: Ok maybe this one is a long shot… but it’s happened before. Next time you’re at your favorite place (whether it’s Anthropologie or Fry’s…) don’t be afraid to make conversation if you see another mama there with her littles! I actually exchanged numbers with someone at Aerie once. I don’t even remember how we started talking, but we instantly clicked and one of us was like, “we should totally hang out!” Just go for it, girl!

The hair salon: or anywhere else where you are treating yourself (nail salon, blow dry bar, medspa). It’s easy to strike up a conversation when you’re waiting for your appointment or even when you’re sitting in the salon chair. Take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and step out of your comfort zone!

For the record, I’m an introvert. And my husband says I’m socially awkward (which is 100% true). But for my own survival in motherhood, I KNEW that I needed to make some friends. So I did. 

Real life: I was super brave when I asked a mom at my son’s preschool for her phone number. It took the entire school year, lots of small talk, and awkward “tell me your name again…” moments. But, now we take barre together three times a week and have a monthly family night with the whole gang! And I can text her when I have a mom fail and we can laugh about it together instead of me crying about it by myself.

If I can do it, so can you. Be confident, Mama, and find your village!



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