4 Tips for Eating Better in the New Year

I’m not a dieter and I’m not really into resolutions. I just don’t feel like I can ever make either work for me.
So, here are a couple of my tips, that I try to practice, for eating better all year long.
Set realistic goals.
I can definitely recall a time I wanted to look good for a wedding I was going to be in as a bridesmaid, but I didn’t really want to start dieting, because food is the best thing ever. Apparently, you cannot diet for an event 3 days before you are leaving for said event, and expect any kind of results. Instead, set yourself up for success, by giving yourself realistic goals. Cutting out everything is more than likely just setting yourself up for a binge later (speaking from experience).
More veggies.
I can’t give up any kind of food, so I cut down on my portions and I opt to load my plate with more veggies, and less of whatever else we are eating. I still eat those things and love them, but this is how I can cut back a little.
Prepped healthy meals.
I’ve just started leaving prepped salads in the fridge. In lieu of throwing out entire containers of untouched greens every week, I’m committed to actually eating them this year. Prepare salads with toppings that won’t wilt the leaves, and keep a mason jar of homemade dressing on hand. Easy and quick.
Find better options of foods you love.
I have a sweet tooth (go figure since I’m a pastry chef) so to help feed those cravings in a better way, I make delicious date balls – with dates, coconut, and dark chocolate (my 2.5 year old loves them). I do a gluten-free, dairy free protein cookies, keep lots of dark chocolate on hand (please try Nohmad Chocolate -amazing), and we always have fruit at the ready. Whatever your vice is, see if you can come up with a better option that will satiate that craving.
No matter what your food goals or health goals are or aren’t for the new year, I wish you luck.
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Rachel has lived in Arizona for 13 years, deeply loving all that the desert has to offer. She is originally from Pennsylvania.  She graduated from Penn State with a degree in print and photojournalism, exactly 60 years after her grandmother graduated. Rachel married her husband Scott, an engineer, in 2013, and they welcomde the sassy Dottie Grayce in 2016, on the hottest day of the year. Rachel is a professional chef, food writer and photographer, food stylist, and baby led weaning advocate. After working in many restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and resorts, Rachel decided to launch her own company, Pistol Whipped Pastry, in 2011. Rachel has been a contributor for Arizona Vines & Wines Magazine, Stratejoy.com, Phoenix New Times, and Chow Bella blog. She has written pieces for the Christian Science Monitor, Green Living AZ, Phoenix Magazine, and YourZenMama.com. When not working, Rachel is hanging out with Scott and Dottie, fixing up their new home, traveling all around Arizona, drinking Arizona wine, gardening, and cooking for friends and family. You can also catch up with Rachel on her personal blog, Croissant In The City.



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