3 Ways to Bathe in Nature: Phoenix Style


Nature, outdoors, and blue skies are a sure-fire way for my family to reset. Just when we felt like we couldn’t take much more time indoors the seasons change and a big ‘ahh’ of relief was felt. More than ever, it’s becoming more important to bathe in nature.

Getting outdoors isn’t just a subjective improvement in wellness (which, honestly, is the most important to me). It has also been studied to offer a marked measurement in regulation of the body’s stress response in both children and adults. For this reason it is a key component to my family’s routine.

And let’s be honest… Most of the time it’s not the kids that need stress relief, its the adults.

I’m sharing here a few ways we can #optoutside for both our mental and physical wellness.

Singh Meadows

I’m sharing this special location first because it is on my outdoor bucket list! It was just brought to my attention and apparently this is a hidden gem in Tempe. The owner has taken care to rid the area of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals and making it an oasis where the community can connect with nature. There is also an indoor farmer’s market.

North Phoenix Mountain

This time of year this is a beautiful hike that doesn’t require too much planning. In North-Central Phoenix the North Mountain Visitor Center is the best place for more information and where to start the hike.

It is enjoyable to take advantage of the spots right in our backyard. Then the kids remember them each time we drive by with great memories.

Backyard Grounding

For the days that we just want to adventure in the backyard we can experience of the benefits of a nature excursion without even hopping in the car. Perhaps there is even more benefit since there is a reduction in the stress of loading the car. If your kids are anything like mine, this can be a 30 minute process.

Instead of the joys of loading up a car, we sometimes just capitalize on the joy of grounding.

Maybe you’ve heard about this grounding thing. Maybe you’ve rolled your eyes at it, or maybe it’s part of your routine too!

I first heard of it from my mom. She would walk barefoot both to and from her job at the University of Arizona in order to ‘ground’ herself. She partook in several studies exploring the benefits of simple daily practices for holistic health such as grounding and yoga nidra practices. (You see, my crunchiness comes naturally. Thanks, Mom.)

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I looked into the research. Sure enough there is some evidence to support this practice! Check this out, one study from NIH looking into the health benefits of grounding.

“The study confirms the “umbrella” effect of earthing the body explained by Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman in his lectures on electromagnetism [16]. Feynman said that when the body potential is the same as the Earth’s electric potential (and thus grounded), it becomes an extension of the Earth’s gigantic electric system. The Earth’s potential thus becomes the “working agent that cancels, reduces, or pushes away electric fields from the body.”

Richard Feynman is one of my favorite physicists – such a sense of humor and lightness. Check out “Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman” if you’re looking for a good read.

The way my family incorporates this is by prioritizing feet, or butts, to the ground as often as we can. When we start to bring awareness to this practice we realize that without intention we very rarely sit in nature, and even more rarely on the ground.

The mornings are so beautiful this time of year so we practice family yoga at daybreak in the backyard. The girls love tea parties and picnics, so we hold these outside at mid-day. We do daily chores, like tending to the garden or chickens, without shoes on. Several little adjustments add up to large benefit.

I can see the benefit of syncing with nature in both my demeanor as well as that of my children. I hope you’re able to bathe in nature and take advantage of the abundance with your family too!


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