3 Simple Hairstyles You Can Do For Fall


3 Simple Hairstyles You Can Do For Fall

Top Knot Chic

Gone are the days of top knots only being acceptable at the gym! This fast easy mom-do can be done in less than 5 minutes and looks chic and polished for date night or brunch with your besties. The major difference between the gym bun and the chic bun is a brush and some great hair product.

Simple Hair Styles North Phoenix Moms Blog

  1. Brush out all the knots
  2. Spray a dry wax to add some texture {Redken Blast 10 is a great one!}
  3. Style hair in a high pony, brushing hair to be smooth and sleek
  4. Twist hair into tight bun and secure with bobby pins 2-3 should do the trick

BoHo Braids

I am loving braids this season! They are an easy, fast way to make even the simplest up do look like you had it done by a professional. This style is great for a gala, a wedding, for teenagers with dances to go to, the list goes on….

Simple Hairstyles for Fall North Phoenix Moms Blog

  1. Begin with two Dutch braids, one on each side of the head and secure with elastic
  2. Repeat step one right under the first braid and secure with small elastic and combine the two braids by topsy tailing them together
  3. Repeat step two and leave the middle portion of hair down in order to create a thicker braid once complete
  4. Use hairspray or texture spray {Kenra 25 hair spray and Kenra textrued spray are amazing!} and gently tug on braid to make it loose and romantic; roll the thicker center braid up and tuck into the three rows of braids and then secure with bobby pins
  5. This style is: simple braids layered to create a beautiful textured up-do

Braided Side Bun

I love, love, love this easy side braid with  a soft side bun, almost as easy as a top knot . A braided side bun is great for all the momprenuers who are meeting with clients, working moms who want to change up their fall style without adding 10 minutes to their morning routine, or daughters who cheer and dance and need to secure their hair without extra maintenance.

Simple Hairstyles for Fall North Phoenix Moms Blog

  1. First start by brushing out the hair and spraying with a medium hold hairspray
  2. Start a Dutch Braid at the top left or right side of head, depending which side you want your bun
  3. Continue the braid along the side of your head until you can gather in a low pony
  4. Twist the pony tight and spray with texture wax
  5. Gently pull and tug the twist to loosen to create a soft bun, the texture spray and hairspray will hold the style in place
  6. Coil the twist into a bun and secure with 6-8 bobby pins

Hope these chic styles help add some zest to your fall looks!  Do you have any go-to styles that we should add?  Tell us below and/or post them on Instagram and use #nphxmoms!

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