3 Easy Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special on Their Birthday


We are just wrapping up 4 birthdays at our house and I am exhausted! Planning a party, scheduling a family dinner, and searching for the perfect birthday present is a little stressful for this already stressed out mama. But for our children, birthdays are magical! While I don’t throw birthday parties for my kids each year, I do enjoy making their day a little extra special. So today, I am sharing with your 3 easy ways to make your child have a special birthday. special birthday

  1. Decorate their bedroom door. This is a really fun and super easy way to kick off your child’s birthday. The night before their birthday, after they have gone to bed for the night, decorate their bedroom door. Hang streamers, a birthday banner, and balloons from the top of the doorframe. They will love waking up to this birthday surprise each year. The first year we did this my son was 3. He was so surprised and really loved the decorations. He is now 8 and he still looks forward to this each year. Will you be driving the kids to school on their birthday? Decorate the car! Use window markers to write on the car windows and throw in some balloons. Your kids will enjoy the extra attention they get at school drop off! 
  2. Make a special breakfast. Our typical breakfast is something quick and easy. So for my boys’ birthdays, I like to make them something a little more fun. Pancakes with whip cream and sprinkles or maybe even a Breakfast Banana Split! Add candles and sing Happy Birthday, too! If mornings are rushed or breakfast isn’t your kiddos thing, you can make them their favorite dinner instead! Another fun tradition we have in our house is a Birthday Plate. The night before a birthday I set out the special plate at the child’s spot at the table and then they use it for all of their meals on their birthday. Want to make the birthday plate even more special? Make one together at a pottery painting studio! 
  3. Write your child a letter. I love writing letters to my children. I even have a notebook that my son and I pass back and forth to each other throughout the year. On their birthday, I like to write them a special letter. Write about how much you love your child and be specific about what you love about them. Did your kid accomplish something big this past year? Did they overcome a fear or some sort of challenge? Tell them how proud you are of them. You can also include what you enjoyed most over the past year and how much they have grown. Tell them what you’re looking forward to in the upcoming year. I give the letter to my boys each year (and then take them back and keep them somewhere safe). But you can also hold onto these and give your child a collection of birthday letters when they’re older. Don’t think you had to have started this on your child’s first birthday. I bet they would really love to have a special letter from you on their birthday, no matter how old they are. 

Birthday parties are fun and your child will probably enjoy them. But don’t feel like you have to throw a huge party every year. These practical ways of celebrating your child will be special traditions that I knowthey will look forward to each year.


  1. Jackson loves when I decorate his door. He requests it and then tells me to surprise him with the color….but reminds me what colors he likes ? Last year I blew up 100 balloons and put them in his room. He loved it but I was definitely over all of the balloons after a day!!


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