10 Reasons to Choose BASIS Phoenix Primary

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If so, be sure to read below for 10 Reasons to Choose BASIS Phoenix Primary!

BASIS Phoenix Primary

  1. Tuition-free, world class education: BASIS Phoenix Primary is a tuition-free public charter school providing students with a world-class education that prepares them to succeed in college and beyond.
  2. Learning Expert Teachers: Every K–4 grade class has a Learning Expert Teacher (LET) who specializes in educational pedagogy. Their primary goal is to ensure that every student understands and masters the material. 
  3. Subject Expert Teachers: Each subject at BASIS Phoenix Primary is taught by a Subject Expert Teacher, who has advanced knowledge in the discipline they teach. Physics is taught by an experienced physicist, history is taught by a well-studied historian, and so on.
  4. National recognition: 173 or 40 percent of BASIS Curriculum School 2017 graduates were recognized as National Merit Scholars, Semi-Finalists, or Commended Scholars.
  5. Acceptance to top colleges and universities: 34.7 percent of BASIS Curriculum School 2017 graduates were accepted to U.S. News & World Report Top 25 National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges.
  6. Internationally competitive: Students at BASIS Curriculum Schools outscore students in every other participating country and educational system according to results from the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA).
  7. AP Exam results as an investment: BASIS Curriculum School 2017 graduates took an average of 12.4 AP Exams with an average score of 3.8 (out of 5), and a pass rate of 86.3%. By comparison, the average AP test taker completes only 3.14 AP Exams by the time they graduate. In fact, among all U.S. graduates, only 20.1 percent pass an AP Exam during high school.
  8. Comprehensive student support programs: BASIS Curriculum students have access to free, diverse, and effective student support programs, including weekly teacher student hours, peer tutoring, and guidance from the Director of Student Affairs office.
  9. Engaged teachers – in and out of the classroom: Our teachers don’t just teach. They also lead and mentor extracurricular clubs and activities. 
  10. College counseling: Starting in grade 9 BASIS Curriculum students and their parents can access free college info seminars. This ensures that our college bound students are prepared academically and financially. 100 percent of our graduates who apply for college are accepted into a four-year program.

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  1. Basis is actually the closest school to our house. What are the requirements to enroll? Our son is only 2 right now, but is there anything we need to do before he is school age?

  2. Hi Zack!

    We appreciate your interest in BASIS! Your child has to be age 5 by September 1st, in the meantime there isn’t any other preparation until then. We encourage parents to sign up on the interest list and you will receive emails and updates on the schools of your choice. I provided the link for the list below and in the meantime if you have any questions you can reach out to [email protected]. Thank you again and we look forward to having your child attend!


    Olivia S. Betlewicz
    Administrative Marketing Coordinator
    7975 N. Hayden Road, Suite 200
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
    O +1.480.289.2088 ext. 142
    M +1.480.476.4066


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