10 Important Life Lessons I Learned from My Mom


With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to take a moment to recognize all those hard-working, hard-loving moms out there that give their all on the daily. But most of all, on this day, I want to share my gratitude for my own mother with a tribute to 10 of the life lessons I’ve learned from her over the years. She is my friend, my everyday hero and the greatest mom a girl could ask for. 

  1. Travel the World — Some of my fondest memories include experiencing other cultures, societies and sites around the world with my family. From camping with my family as a kid to exploring the globe with my own kids, my mom (and dad) taught me that travel can expand your mind and is truly an education as much as it is a vacation.
  2. Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First — We hear a lot about filling up our cups today, and my mom has taught me this lesson as well. We need to nurture ourselves so we have the strength and energy to fill up our loved ones. 
  3. Communication is Key — Coming up on 45 years of blissfully happy marriage this month (Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!), my mom always taught me to keep the lines of communication open — not only in the good times, but during the tough times, too. 
  4. Love is All You Need — The title of one of her favorite songs as a school-aged girl, this mantra has been passed down to me. And I have to admit, when you peel away all the excess, life really is all about love. 
  5. Don’t Dwell on Your Mistakes — Nobody’s perfect and we all have our slip ups, but my mom has never made a big deal out of my life’s detours, and she’s never one to bring up past mistakes. This helps me move on and forgive myself when I make mistakes in my adult life.
  6. Find Your Passion — My mother always encouraged my sister and me to follow our hearts and do what we love. And we did — not just in our chosen career fields, but in every area of our lives. We have a deep zest for life and that comes from our sweet mom. 
  7. Take a Deep Breath — Anytime I have a mini-meltdown in my adult life, my mom encourages me to “take a deep breath.” In essence, slow down, take a few minutes to step back and assess the situation/problem, etc. and then move forward with a clear mind. 
  8. Maintain Your Friendships — My mom has maintained special friendships from every area of her life that she continues to foster. This is an important lesson, especially for new moms who can sometimes feel alone in motherhood and disconnected from the “real world.” Connecting with our female friends into adulthood is so important.
  9. Be a Good Host —Whether it’s a small family get-together, or an all-night celebration, my mom knows how to throw a party! She’s taught me how to cook well and entertain well, and that intimate gatherings and large shindigs come down to great company, great food and embracing each of your guests.  
  10. Family First — The matriarch of our family, my mom has taught me in her actions that family comes first. As she and my father raised my sister and me, we always knew we were number one, and that we could come to them with anything, anytime. I still feel that now, and it’s the most important lesson I hope to pass to my own children.

What life lessons have you learned from your mom?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful ladies out there raising up our next generations! I love you, Mom!

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